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PSALT — Presbyterians Standing for Apostolic Love and Truth — is a national movement which aims at building the Presbyterian Church into a thoroughly biblical and Reformed expression of Christian discipleship and witness.

GA 2021 Prayer Initiative

As friends, members, adherents, elders, and ministers in The Presbyterian Church in Canada, we are fervently praying for the 146th General Assembly to be held online June 6-9, 2021. We are praying in advance for the commissioners, the moderator, the clerks, the General Assembly office, and all of those who have a role of some … Read more

PCC Covenant Virtual Townhall Meeting

As the upcoming General Assembly approaches, there are many questions about how this will happen online and what implications it will have for the significant issues facing the PCC. At the upcoming monthly virtual townhall meeting, we’ll be doing our best to answer questions and identify areas that need to be prayed about, followed by a time of teaching and an opportunity to pray for each other for the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. There will be updates on what the various pathway groups are doing leading up to the GA. We hope that you are able to join us. There are two dates to choose from: April 24 at Noon Eastern and April 26 at 7 p.m. Eastern. Register at Zoom links will be sent after registration. Full details about the covenant can be found ... Read more

Eastern and Western Han-Ca Petition re: Racism and Marginalization

To the Venerable 146th General Assembly of The Presbyterian Church in Canada, The Presbytery of Eastern Han-Ca and the Presbytery of Western Han-Ca question whether in this denomination we are nothing more than a marginal group whose voice is deemed as one which can, and should be ignored. This is no less clearly evident in … Read more

Letter to Assembly Council re: Gracious Dismissal

Following the Assembly Council's refusal to receive the report of its own Gracious Dismissal Committee, several members of Psalt drafted the following letter to the Assembly Council, which was signed by 303 people. Due to a misunderstanding regarding the date of the April meeting of Assembly Council, we did not get this letter in to … Read more

Redirecting Denominational Contributions

We Presbyterians are known for saying "Scripture is the only Rule for Faith and Life" and for quoting the opening line from the Book of Forms Section 4: "To take away all occasion of tyranny," our Lord wills that office-bearers in his Church "should rule with mutual consent of brethren, and equality of power, every … Read more

We need your help!

In an attempt to be inclusive, Remits B and C, sent down through the Barrier Act in 2019, tried to straddle the theological divide between liberal and conservative Christians, but the result is not only untenable (since any court of reason or law will reject the notion that something can be both light and dark), … Read more

A Dangerous Precedent

A Joint Statement from PSALT and the Renewal Fellowship. Since the denomination’s beginning, there have been unofficial groups gathering within The Presbyterian Church in Canada. They have been structured to pursue particular goals of Christian ministry. Some have been of an ad hoc nature, with both leadership and focus changing regularly. Others have been organized … Read more

Gracious Dismissal Final Report

This week, Assembly Council published the minutes of its October 27, 2020, meeting in which the report of its Gracious Dismissal Committee was on the agenda. A majority on the council voted not to receive it "until at least after the General Assembly has dealt with Remits B and C." Notwithstanding this decision ... Read more

Orthodox Grant Receiving Ministries

Dear colleagues in ministry: The Presbyterian/Reformed tradition has had a strong commitment to mission. Our shared mission work has historically been one of the ties that bind us together as a family in Christ’s service. How we support that work is changing for many reasons – not the least of which are theological. Congregations want … Read more

The Way Forward

In light of the failing theological and structural integrity of the PCC, the 2017 Psalt Conference identified three responses which those who share the common doctrinal unity of our Basis of Union were considering. Some were prepared to “stay and pray”; others were looking as to how they might “pull away”; and still others were looking to “pull out” and leave the PCC. This document takes a closer look at what has occurred over the past three years in these various streams, and may serve as a resource to Sessions and congregations as they try to determine which stream they are going to end up in. … Read more

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