In light of the confusion regarding the church’s teaching on homosexuality and the pastoral need to care for those suffering in particular from the social trend to regard it as “natural” or a thing to be accepted as part of human nature, “A Christian Understanding of Homosexuality” was presented as a “reference text” at a clergy meeting of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia in the USA last year. It offers a clear response to many of the social arguments used in the attempt to diminish the church’s pastoral teachings, which always aim for the loving care and conversion of all who fall into any sin.

This 41-page document covers the history of attitudes towards homosexuality in various cultures, and details the revolution in attitude in western society over the last 45 years, which was based on political activism rather than scientific research. It then goes on to counter the four core beliefs of western society about homosexuality:

  1. Homosexuals are born that way;
  2. Same-sex attraction is immutable;
  3. Homosexuality is normal; and
  4. Orientation equals behaviour and self-identity.