The Special Committee re Former Moderators has worked long and hard to present the PCC with a course forward on the issue of human sexuality. This is an extraordinarily difficult task, and we are grateful to them for taking it on. The report of the Special Committee will be available on the PCC website on May 21. We have no idea what they will propose, but when we receive their recommendations for moving forward as a denomination, we would be wise to ask the following questions, no matter what our perspective is on the issues at hand.

How will this course of action:

  1. change our current understanding of marriage and sexual ethics, in as detailed an explanation as possible?
  2. agree with or change our current understanding of Scripture and our Subordinate Standards?
  3. respect the right of the whole denomination, through its presbyteries, to respond to and vote on adopting this course of action?
  4. deal with any dissent or disagreement in words or actions by presbyteries, sessions, and individuals?
  5. deal with the need for pastoral care for those individuals — minsters, elders, members, and adherents — who find nd themselves in a minority situation on the issue at hand?
  6. respect those individuals, sessions, and presbyteries who may feel, before God, that they need to leave the denomination as a result of this course being accepted by the denomination as a whole?