Nothing is more alienating than the church you love abandoning faithful doctrine and practice to the point that you no longer can identify with it. Faithfulness to Jesus Christ, through the direction of the Holy Spirit, to the glory of God the Father, through the Scriptures is our first calling. While the marriage and sexuality debates have brought this to the fore, differences on major doctrines such as the Resurrection and the Virgin Birth have also emerged. We have identified three responses in those who are being alienated: Stay and Pray, Pull Away, or Leave.

These options will be pursued by women and men, young and old, and racially diverse members, elders, and ministers of the Presbyterian Church in Canada (PCC). They will be pursued by those who have served for many years and by those who are just beginning.

Some will stay and trust God within the changing structures. They will seek to be faithful refuges for believers. Others advocate alternate presbytery/synod oversight and re-structuring that would bind together those based on their doctrine and practices, and that would also allow for theological autonomy and continued orthodox practice. Others will leave, unable to abide the adoption of false teaching.

While it is easy to criticize any of these three responses, PSALT (Presbyterians Supporting Apostolic Love and Truth) is determined to provide support for those who must choose one of these three options.

Right now there is an urgency to work with other Bible-believing, subordinate-standard-upholding, conservative leaders and groups in the PCC, and to support those who have become homeless in their denominational home, as they are prayerfully compelled by the Holy Spirit to initiate these options and determine which response is right for them. We are organizing three strategic response groups for this purpose. There is more we can do together than we can do alone!

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