Dear colleagues in ministry:

The Presbyterian/Reformed tradition has had a strong commitment to mission. Our shared mission work has historically been one of the ties that bind us together as a family in Christ’s service. How we support that work is changing for many reasons – not the least of which are theological. Congregations want a more personally-engaged, relationship-based connection with a mission that is proclaiming the gospel in every way.

Because of these changes, congregational contributions to Presbyterians Sharing have been declining. Many who hold to a more traditional view of theology, mission, and ministry have been concerned that good mission projects, faithfully proclaiming the gospel and sharing Christ’s redeeming love, are at risk because that decline means diminished support through our national mission support programs.

This page includes descriptions of some of those projects which are currently supported through Presbyterians Sharing. We invite you and your Missions Team to pray through the list. Your support through direct giving can help these mission projects weather the current challenges and continue their good work for Jesus and His Kingdom.

In making this list, we were concerned that we would miss some Presbyterian-related projects that also deserved extra support. But we decided not to let the perfect be the enemy of the good and to go ahead and present the list below for your consideration. If there is mission work being done by Presbyterians, or work that is supported by Presbyteries and/or by Presbyterian congregations that we should include in a future revision, please let us know. If there is interest, this could be an on-going project with new lists reflecting new opportunities and circumstances.

Thank you for your time reviewing these projects, and for your faithful witness in your own communities. May we continue to grow together in the power of His Spirit to proclaim His message and live in the one hope of His calling.


The PSALT leadership team

Family Church at Heritage Green

Family Church at Heritage Green is led by Rev. Alex Douglas and Rev. David Moody. They have a community-based congregation that is grounded in orthodox theology, geared to young families and their children, and has a fresh, engaging style of worship. They have developed a curriculum called The Big God Story, which covers key passages of Scripture in various media (cartoons, kids activities, etc.) that fits an intergenerational style of worship.

Montreal West Pres Church

Montreal West Pres Church is an African immigrant congregation in Montreal Presbytery led by Sampson Afoakwah. Ten years ago, the presbytery was planning to close the congregation, but waves of immigration from places like Nigeria and Cameroon brought new life. The congregation has more than a hundred members, and almost fifty kids in their children’s ministries. As immigrants still working to establish their credentials in Canada, the members of Montreal West mostly work in the kinds of entry-level occupations most at risk when COVID restrictions get tighter. In the face of financial challenges, they are sacrificing to hope to people who came to Canada for a better life and come to Church to seek a better city.

Life in Christ Ministry, Scarborough

This is a Middle Eastern immigrant ministry founded by a former pastor of the Psalty Chapel Place Presbyterian Church. It’s formally related to Pickering Presbytery, and works out of four locations in the Eastern GTA. Information is posted on their web site

The Raw Carrot at Paris Presbyterian

Rev. Joel Sherbino leads a vital ministry at Paris Presbyterian Church, theologically solid, with a mission focus. The Raw Carrot is a wonderful ministry of Paris Presbyterian that offers excellent food at a reasonable cost. The Raw Carrot is a social franchise that believes that every person who WANTS to work should have the opportunity for a Hand Up (instead of just a handout) in life! It is a non-profit enterprise partnering with churches and nonprofits across Ontario to create meaningful employment for amazingly talented individuals living with disAbilities and mental health illness. They’re “stirring up” change in local communities through delicious, handcrafted gourmet soup.

You can find out more here:

Prison Ministry in Malawi

Joel is involved with prison ministry in Malawi. Their family were missionaries in Malawi, and have a heart for the nation and the work of the church. Prisons in Malawi are in need of support and help for inmates to be rehabilitated, not just incarcerated. The gospel message of redemption in Jesus Christ motivates this ministry, and reaches the hearts and lives of those who need transformation in Jesus Christ. You can find out more, and donate here:

Northern New Brunswick Ministry

In 2010, four congregations in northern New Brunswick were targeted for closing. Attendance was down, and the communities had severe economic hardships. When the pulp mills and coal mines closed, people had to travel great distances to find work, often as far as the mines of northern Ontario or the oil patch in Alberta. Glen Sampson brought the congregations together as a regional ministry with a total of 40 people between them. Now, there are more than 200 in worship among the four congregations. They have built through the Sunday School and Vacation Bible School. Sampson has encouraged the congregations to look beyond their walls to forge strong mission partnerships with Teen Challenge and local First Nations communities. Things are moving forward for these solidly orthodox congregations, but recent events have been a major headwind. For instance, COVID-19 rules have made it hard to continue Sunday School; travel restrictions have put additional pressures on families.

Cariboo House Church Ministry

Cariboo Presbyterian Church is a congregation of house churches and other ministries in the central interior of British Columbia. Their focus is to gather together people from rural and remote areas for worship and discipleship. The vision is to reach out with the love of Jesus Christ to people who live beyond the traditional church and to encourage people to trust and grow in Christ and gather in communities of Christian faith principally in areas where there is little or no other Christian witness. They also include the Nazko and Area Dakelh Outreach, a ministry to the Dakelh nation and other Indigenous neighbours in a way that is Christ-centred, Biblically based, rooted in prayer, culturally honouring and socially transforming. The ministry team of Mark Carter, Jon Wyminga and Shannon Bell cover the region of over 80,000 square kms traveling each day to lead worship, equip local leaders and offer pastoral care.

La Communitae Chretien Siloe, Montreal

The Siloam Christian Community is a Protestant parish reaching out to immigrants from French West Africa. The parish was born eight years ago, at first worshipping in the Chinese Presbyterian Church in Outremont, then moving to the Presbyterian College chapel. Since May, they’ve met in the chapel of Westminster Presbyterian Church. In a complex and diverse environment, the congregation seeks to be a meeting place where people can share and consolidate their Christian values. The congregation is committed to reaching out with the gospel, following the exhortation to live with one another in peace and in the love of Christ. Siloam offers an open door for any who want to come and live intently in faith, love, and hope in Jesus Christ.

Lighthouse Evangelical Arabic Church, Winnipeg

Lighthouse Church is a new congregation reaching out to the Arabic community in Winnipeg. Located near the University of Manitoba, they invite people to find comfort and growth in Jesus. As of 2018, they had an average of 80 people from 50 households attending worship. Working to keep Christ at the centre of their ministry, they hope to train people to serve their community and share the gospel of Jesus Christ, seeking to complete the work that Christ gave them to do. They believe  that the church exists for others, and work to keep their resources directed to reaching lost people, discipling them to maturity in, and devotion to Christ.

Cedar Tree Ministry

Cedar Tree Ministries is an outreach ministry to the First Nations people of Vancouver Island. They pray for the reconciliation and healing of broken relationships as they share the joy of life in Christ in their community. Their vision is to see a Christian ministry in each reserve on Vancouver Island. Presently, their focus is in the Cowichan Valley around Cowichan Grace Church with Vacation Bible Schools, weekly Kids Clubs, and Bible Studies being held elsewhere upon request.