In an attempt to be inclusive, Remits B and C, sent down through the Barrier Act in 2019, tried to straddle the theological divide between liberal and conservative Christians, but the result is not only untenable (since any court of reason or law will reject the notion that something can be both light and dark), but is in fact embarrassing. The intention is laudable, but the solution will not safeguard the unity of our church. We have seen and will see countless faithful Christians choose to abandon the church of their forebears because they cannot accept the contradiction inherent in these remits. Nor can we hold up our heads in the secular community and say “This is unity…of sorts.” Those of us who desire to be inclusive and welcoming to all believers are wondering how can we live together in unity? Is there a way to stay? YES! There is a way to stay!

We need your help! How?

OVERTURES: We want to bring before Assembly our need for a safe place through restructuring. One of the main ways to do this is through overtures. There are currently about 10 overtures, but we need to double that number and we need them soon. So please have your session or presbytery create and send an overture into the Clerk of General Assembly, petitioning the 2021 Assembly to Restructure the Presbyterian Church so that those in our churches who are orthodox, evangelical, or traditional in theology have a separate autonomous place. This could be either a separate synod or another option – like pathway “C”. We have prepared two documents to help you: How to Write an Overture and Reasons Why Restructuring Is Needed. To give you assistance, the first document gives three examples of overtures already submitted.

COMMISSIONERS: We are forming a team of commissioners to work together for our cause. Please let us know if you are a commissioner attending this General Assembly. We are planning to have training resources and a connecting time. We have prepared a document to help you get ready: What a Commissioner Needs in Preparation.

CONTACT: For more information and to place your name on our commissioners list:
Jonathan Dent: 1 (647) 222-5007   <>
Don Bartlett: 1 (416) 281-2596   <>