We Presbyterians are known for saying “Scripture is the only Rule for Faith and Life” and for quoting the opening line from the Book of Forms Section 4: “To take away all occasion of tyranny,” our Lord wills that office-bearers in his Church “should rule with mutual consent of brethren, and equality of power, every one according to his function.”

Over the past six years, the denomination has struggled with the process to discern a way forward on matters of human sexuality. Recently, however, we have seen decisions being made that presumptuously assume that the way forward has already been settled. The hiring of a Program Coordinator for Sexuality and Inclusion by the National Office and the “Rainbow Pathways: Exploring LGBTQI2+ Welcome and Inclusion Course” are but two examples.

We are concerned that such decisions indicate that “an occasion of tyranny” is taking root in our denominational structures. These issues should be brought to the attention of the General Assembly through submitting overtures and engaging those who are commissioners to the Assembly.

However, the recent decision of the Assembly Council to block the report on Gracious Dismissal so as to prevent its presentation at this year’s General Assembly shows that there is now an open disregard for our formal polity and structures in order to promote the establishment of the progressive agenda within our denomination, “an occasion of tyranny” indeed!

Perhaps the time has come to “put our money where our mouth is”, so to speak, and respond to this “occasion of tyranny” by redirecting our denominational contributions to directly support the ministries which need our financial support.

A number of congregations have already decided to take this course of action, Grace Orleans (Rev. Dr. Dent), Cote De Neiges (Rev. Coppetiers), Knox Thedford (Rev. O’Reilly), Howick Georgetown (Rev. Alexander), St. Andrew’s Moncton (Rev. Dr. Kreplin). We hope you are encouraged to follow their example, and contact them for any advice you might need as you prepare to present your 2021 Budget.

We would be happy to put you in touch with them to answer any questions you may have. Contact us at <contactpsalt@gmail.com>.

Contact info for directly supporting a ministry can be found in our article Orthodox Grant Receiving Ministries.

The Psalt Leadership Team