The Fall of Jerusalem

Actually, it was spring in Jerusalem, and nine of us Canadian Presbyterian clergy were standing about 50 feet from the Western Wall listening attentively to our guide, Sheera. She awed us with the news that this last vestige of Herod’s wall, which once surrounded the temple mount, was composed of not just the towering rows …

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Letter from the Chair

Have you ever wanted to give a standing ovation to a sermon? For the first time in my life, I really wanted to do exactly that when the Rev. Douglas Rollwage, the outgoing Moderator of the General Assembly (GA), provided an incredible address to the crowded sanctuary at St. Andrew’s Kingston at the opening sederunt …

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Out of the PSALT Shaker

Greetings from the PSALT Leadership Team! The Team took a break over the summer, but has now resumed twice-monthly online meetings. They have asked me to bring you some old and new news. Unity is so precious in a divided church. We want to keep in touch with you. Plans are underway for a conference …

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Summer 2017 PSALT Letter

Now that the 143rd GA is over, what sense can we make of it? What impact will decisions made have upon the denomination? What is before us as PSALT? Some of these issues will become clearer in time, but here are some reflections on our situation. First, the penultimate decision of GA this year was ... Read more


PSALT Conference Experience

God works in many creative ways. One is repetition: the same word, phrase, verse, or concept appearing in different contexts at roughly the same time. In these God moments, He gets my attention. It happens in my life as a pastor and it happened here, at the gathering of Presbyterians Standing for Apostolic Love and Truth (PSALT) at Vaughan Community Church on May 12-13, 2017. I have several pages of notes at the conference. Here are some key takeaways... Read more


Sermon at General Assembly

Rev. Doug Rollwage, Past Moderator, outlines several rediscoveries of the power of God's Word as chronicled in Scripture itself and in the pages of history. He asks, "Why is our denomination experiencing precipitous decline, troubled by increasing division, edging ever closer to 'consumebatur,' its fire flickering dangerously dim? Because somehow someway, the Book has again slipped from our hands." ... Read More


Time To Listen?

As my wife and I embarked for Africa, the denomination’s mission secretary gave us this advice: "When you get there, keep your mouth shut for the first six months." He knew from long experience Christian missionaries have often been quick to speak and slow to listen. So for the first six months I worked at a seminary in Malawi, I followed his advice during staff meetings, and I have to say it saved me from some blunders! I wonder if Canadian churches should heed similar advice as we debate major issues such as homosexuality. Read more


The Secularisation of the Church of Scotland – What Really Happened at the Assembly?

Much to no-one's surprise, the Church of Scotland General Assembly has just voted to accept the Theological Forum’s report which changes the Churches definition of marriage to include same sex marriages and to apologise to gay people for their previous understanding. I know there are various caveats and nuances but that is the reality of …

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When a half measure isn’t a half measure

By Roland De Vries The Life and Mission Agency of The Presbyterian Church in Canada is presenting the following recommendation to the General Assembly of the denomination in two weeks time. That clergy in The Presbyterian Church in Canada be permitted for pastoral reasons to bless same sex marriages conducted by civil authorities. This is …

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The Unhappy Fate of Optional Orthodoxy

I’ll presume to call it Neuhaus’s Law, or at least one of his several laws: Where orthodoxy is optional, orthodoxy will sooner or later be proscribed. Some otherwise bright people have indicated their puzzlement with that axiom but it seems to me, well, axiomatic. Orthodoxy, no matter how politely expressed, suggests that there is a …

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