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Letter to Evangelicals

Psalt has not yet issued an official statement regarding the 145th General Assembly's adoption of option "B" in the Report of the Special Committee of Former Moderators and the subsequent Remits on Human Sexuality and Marriage, as we have been busy helping to facilitate interactions between various groups in the PCC. A group of traditionally ... Read more

Responses to “On the Question of Unity and Diversity”

Several sessions have shared with PSALT their response to the Special Committee of Past Moderators about "On the Question of Unity and Diversity". Click on "Continue Reading" for the download links.

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A Christian Understanding of Homosexuality

In light of the confusion regarding the church’s teaching on homosexuality and the pastoral need to care for those suffering in particular from the social trend to regard it as “natural” or a thing to be accepted as part of human nature, "A Christian Understanding of Homosexuality" was presented as a “reference text” at a ... Read more

Church Property Conflict and the Hope for Future Unity

Winner take all contests over a congregation’s property legacy leave deep and lasting wounds and divisions. But the Presbyterian Church in Canada (PCC) has a precedent that could open the way to a better future. By Paul Johnston. Years ago, while working in the United States, I was carpooling to a meeting with a long-time ... Read more

Great Lakes Catechism on Marriage and Sexuality

Q 1: Is human sexuality a good thing or not? A: It is good! We see in Scripture that God created us male and female as part of the creation order, that our sexuality is an inherent part of being human, and that our sexuality is part of what God calls “very good” in the ... Read more

A Visitor’s View of General Assembly

By Dr. Jonathan Dent We in the Presbyterian Church in Canada (PCC) thought that we would be able to put the issue of sexuality to rest at this year's General Assembly. The Church Doctrine Committee (CDC) was recommending, by a slim majority of 9 to 7, that the Assembly deny the prayers of the overtures ... Read more


Sticky Post

PSALT — Presbyterians Standing for Apostolic Love and Truth — is a national movement which aims at building the Presbyterian Church into a thoroughly biblical and Reformed expression of Christian discipleship and witness.

Supreme Court TWU Decision and EFC Webinar

Editor's Note: Bruce Clemenger's recent message to PSALT at the "Thriving in Babylon Conference" tied the outcome of this legal case to the church, because it sheds light on the question of the right of religious individuals to have freedom of conscience and action in the matter of performing same-sex marriages, in spite of the ... Read more

2018 Conference – Thriving in Babylon

More than 100 Presbyterians and friends from coast to coast filled a sanctuary at Vaughan Community Church, Thornhill, Ontario, on April 20-21 for Thriving in Babylon, two days of encouragement and challenge for the Christ-centred, Bible-believing church. When the Israelites were exiled to Babylon, they found themselves spiritually and morally challenged … Read more

PSALT Speaks to the Moderator’s Letter of Repentance

It’s been over a month since the Letter of Repentance to the LGBTQI Community was issued by the PCC Moderator and you may have been wondering if Psalt was going to issue any response to the letter. We have crafted a response which we are pleased to send to you now. The timing of our ... Read more

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