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Special Committee re Former Moderators

The Special Committee re Former Moderators has worked long and hard to present the PCC with a course forward on the issue of human sexuality. This is an extraordinarily difficult task, and we are grateful to them for taking it on. The report of the Special Committee will be available on the PCC website on … Read more

The Moderator’s CBC Interview

As we approach the 2019 General Assembly, Canadian Presbyterians are facing changes and challenges. We are also facing historic, watershed decisions. The Moderator-Elect for the 2019 General Assembly, Rev. Amanda Currie, faces a deeply anxious, deeply divided denomination. An interview (both online and on radio) by CBC was recently released, and had some subsequent corrections, … Read more

Making space for God, not each other

One of the risks that we take in talking publicly is that we have absolutely no control over what’s printed or broadcast. Comments can be taken out of context or be quoted inaccurately. Headlines attempt to draw the reader’s attention but sometimes miss the mark and create the wrong impression. Those don’t sound like the … Read more

Is Christ Divided?

The eyes of the world — the church world at least — were on the United Methodist Church's called General Conference in February (see report). Would they be able to resolve their deep conflicts and stay together? After the Methodists voted, attention moved on. In these conflicted days, there will always be new occasions to … Read more

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