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Observations and Affirmations #10

Observation: Just as Israel was called out from Babylonian exile to re-establish itself as the visible people of God, the church of Christ is, in today's secular culture, also being called out to be more visible. It will be those who want to be faithful to Scripture. "Plow new ground for yourselves, plant righteousness, and … Read more

Observations and Affirmations #9

Observation: We are to put our love for God and His Word above all other loves. As God's Word instructs us, we are to also love one another, but only the Word of our Creator can teach us how to properly and effectively love one another. Who of us has not gone to summer camp … Read more

Observations and Affirmations #8

Observation: We are afraid of confrontation. Dairmaid MacCullough, in his book All Things made New states, "Calvin's theology, like that of Augustine's thrived on conflict." "Where the Lord walks, storms arise" (Nahum 1:3b GNT). "But mommy, the emperor has no clothes on!" Do you remember this innocent line from your childhood story? Parents had promised … Read more

Observations and Affirmations #7

We are involved in spiritual warfare. If so, then what does praying for "unity" in the PCC mean? Our brothers and sisters are not the enemy. We must first pray against all the deceptions of the Evil One. A small but enticing recruitment ad for MI6 once appeared on a back page of the staid … Read more

Observations and Affirmations #6

Observation: The biblical truth that there is new life (now) for all who are in Christ is not only not getting out, but is, in fact, also being stifled by those who do not want this biblical truth and reality proclaimed. Scripture and personal experience are clear: "Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is … Read more

Observations and Affirmations #5

Observation: There is at present no clear desire in some of the courts of the PCC to uphold current biblical, doctrinal, and moral standards. If we are unwilling at General Assembly and presbytery levels to address the contrast between practice and God’s Word, why bother to propose new legislation that will also not be upheld? … Read more

Observations and Affirmations #4

Observation: The 1994 PCC Statement on Human Sexuality affirms that there is no sin in having same sex attraction but rather in its indulgence and particularly in its promotion – just as it is when one is attracted outside of marriage to the opposite sex. Is the word "sin" is still in your vocabulary? If … Read more

Observations and Affirmations #3

Observation: God’s Word is irrefutable: a) homosexual behaviour is a sin, b) desiring obedience to God’s Word is a necessity for those who wish to be in a covenantal relationship to Him. As Carmen Laberge recently reminded us, “The issue is never the issue – but God”. Psalt is aware that our recent emergence in … Read more

Observations and Affirmations #2

Observation: LGBTQ advocacy in the PCC is long-standing and is manifested unhindered in some congregations and Presbyteries. The reasons for this presence will be outlined in Bulletin #5 in this series. However, the source of the lobby is clearly in the shifting winds of our increasingly secular culture and not in Scripture. Freedom, rights, and … Read more

Observations and Affirmations #1

Hello, Psalt members and supporters. Over the next few months, we will be sending out some short “observations” that have come to our attention regarding the current theological and political landscape within the Presbyterian Church in Canada. Our purpose in distributing these “observations” is twofold. Firstly, we want to keep people informed about what is … Read more

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