1. Why the name PSALT?
In the Bible, salt represents gracious, reasoned speech and witness-bearing; also PSALT’s our acronym: “Presbyterians Standing for Apostolic Love and Truth”.

2) What does “Apostolic” mean?
Jesus’ and the apostles’ teaching norm our beliefs and behaviour; the gospel-centred, fellowship-rich New Testament church inspires our vision of church today.

3) Does PSALT seek to divide The Presbyterian Church in Canada?
No, PSALT seeks to foster unity through fruitful conversation to overcome current divisions on foundational matters of faith.

4) What is the relationship between the Renewal Fellowship and PSALT?
We are separate, though we share similar desires for the church and are supportive of one another.

5) Did the Renewal Fellowship start PSALT? Is it the same people?
No, PSALT is a grassroots group of PCC folk who share a common perspective on church issues. See Facebook and our blog for personalities.

6) Does PSALT support women’s ordination?
Yes. PSALT believes in male-female complementarity in all things as part of the beautiful design of God.

7) Does PSALT care about marginalized people?
Absolutely! We’re convinced that only rejoicing with the truth and dwelling in love will realize our “full inclusion” in Christ’s Body.